Software Engingeering Isn’t All Bad

Who knew it is was possible for you to have a good day?

Not that everything went well. Not that you felt you were spectacular. But you got up in time, pushed some of the right buttons, gave some good explanations, had answers, asked some good questions, made some good jokes, and taught someone something that they were interested to learn.

That’s pretty cool.

The one day a lunch break is actually called, we had lunch ordered in. No way were we letting what happened yesterday occur – a harried run at 2:30 to the sub shop.

We had Chinese food. There were two fortune cookies left on the table as we were packing up. I grabbed them and put them in my jacket.

Two fortunes:

1) Your exotic ideas lead you to many exciting, new adventures!

2) In order to take, one must first give.

Pretty cool day indeed.

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