Our eyes were locked across the flames of the bonfire. He had asked why I had hoped he wouldn’t come here. A voice I hadn’t heard in a long time spoke before my lips moved.

“This moment, right now, it is very important that you are completely honest. It is what this moment was made for.”

I said, “Because I’m still attracted to you.”

I have no recollection of his next words. I was too busy listening to my body rejoice.

The truth did not make things easier, it did not supply a beacon to guide me. It did not provide shelter or an answer.

It just made what happened true and real. That is not something that had occurred in my life for a long time.

I hold that moment in my heart. To treasure our amazing time together, to blanket my sanity when I think I just can’t make it one more day at work, but most importantly, to remind myself and give me strength to be honest again.

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