Found And Lost

For reasons she could no longer remember, she owned an ex-boyfriend’s little brother’s jean jacket.

Jean jackets weren’t really her thing, but most outerwear in general failed her. Or she failed it.

She had owned the jacket for ten years now and supposed that was three times longer than the little brother ever did.

For reasons she could no longer remember, a Barney the dinosaur plastic kazoo resided in the left breast pocket. She was pretty sure it came from the ex-boyfriend. He was the purple-plastic kazoo type.

One afternoon while walking from work to the auto-repair shop, she remembered the kazoo and went digging for it, awkwardly shifting purse and lunch pail and not slowing her march. Finding it would give her some comfort. What she needed comfort from, she wasn’t entirely sure.

Instead of the kazoo, she found a note that read:

-Fabric Shop
-Email & labs

She knew the general time frame it was written. There was only one time in her life labs and pottery were noteworthy on the same page. But why Goodwill? What would she have done in a fabric shop? She could no longer remember.

The note made her more uncomfortable. Lost in a way the kazoo would have made her found.

She put it back in her pocket and continued on.

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