Nameless Guy Strikes Again

Him:  So the trail by the rapids is right here.
Me:  A third of a mile??  (Thinking:  this date is going to be over in ten minutes!)
Him:  That’s the shortest.
Me:  When I said I wouldn’t be up for much?  I was thinking less than five miles.
Him:  Oh.

(Thank goodness we only did about three so I didn’t wimp out.)


Him:  I’m never going live that down, am I?
Me:  Nope.  We HAVE to get married now.  And have a big family so the grand kids can gather round to hear the story of how Grandpa turned down Grandma’s offer to get him a hooker.

(Also?  I informed this gentleman that my bark is worse than my bite.  Evidently I am a fifth grade gym teacher now…)

Edited on 3/27/12 to add that in re-reading this for major site revision I’ve categorized this in “Take A Hike”  How cool is it that Tom and my fourth date was a hike?

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