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Friday was my last day at work.  I received almost twenty emails from coworkers congratulating me on my courage and wishing me well.

TG brought over the keys so P and D can watch the cats while I’m in Ireland.  ST was also here.  Neither tried to pee on me, so I’ll call it a success.  (Actually, I’ve mentioned it before, TG is the type of person anyone wants to be friends with.  The person the most stressed and threatened was me.  It’s been a few years since I’ve had multiple guys who’ve seen me naked in the same room.  (A groomsman, the preacher, and my date.  And really, once you’ve done that, shouldn’t it all be cake?))

Friday was pretty special for me and ST, even if all we did was nap, watch Failure to Launch, and eat crappy food.  He had to be off at 5am.  He showered, dressed, and came to curl up next to me one last time before leaving.  Sigh.

Saturday at the sanctuary kicked ass.  I highly suggest you gather fifteen friends and strangers, find a fell twenty-five foot tree, and move it via rolling logs a few hundred feet.  If you are all alive at the end, you’ll know the psychotic high I felt.

Saturday night MC and I gathered a Mediterranian feast, sangria, and some blankets to watch Crowns.  Neither of us had any expectations; we just liked the idea of the play at the park.  Since I like gospel, it was quite a nice evening.

I headed to church this morning.  The music wasn’t gospel, but P and D’s little boy was walking.  A halleluiah all on its own, but the real miracle was that this once fussiest boy alive sat happily on my lap letting me stuff macaroni elbows in his mouth one at a time.

The rest of the day?  Nothing.  Cleaned the litters.  Nap.  Reading.  Laundry.  Whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted.  No stress over schedule; I have nothing to do tomorrow but the start the rest of my life.

The reason for the title of this post?  I don’t want to jinx myself.  I can’t believe my life is going this well.  That I am this happy.  From all the phone calls, emails, and dinners, that I am this cared for and loved.

I want to be careful.  Mostly, be careful to not take it for granted or miss one minute of it.

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