Fall Cleaning

The semester started last week.  My fears of disinterest in my classes were unfounded.  Both my botony-ish class and my seminar-type thingy on techniques of wildlife field ecology appear to be very relevant and have peaked my interest.  I am even tempted to ask the professor if my project for ecology could be worked into a published paper.

I’m leery however, since my plate?  Surprise!  It’s full!  You’re shocked, I know.

(Talking with a Ph.D. student at USF who volunteers with me, she mentioned she always felt like a slacker next to me.  I, in turn, envy people who seem satsified with pursuing one thing steady and true.  There’s a dedication there that somehow I believe I lack.  (Although if you consider my commitment and sacrifice for the sanctuary, maybe it’s there in some weird fashion.))

Along with classes, I am working part-time still, continuing the field research, and keeping up my volunteer hours.  Unfortunately(?), my schedule is packed to the point I won’t make it out during the AM hours over the week.  I will be feeding the cats 2+ days a week (evening), spending almost every Saturday out there, and just about every other Sunday.

I haven’t done a sanctuary update in a while, mostly because I haven’t had a chance to take any pictures recently and I like to pepper my nerdy cat facts with cute photos to hold your attention.  But rest assured, we’re all still going strong.  I had a pretty nice day today (yes, cat’s shit and eat even on Labor day!) in that I worked side-by-side with another long-term volunteer.  She’s one of my favorite to work with in that we get along great and manage to be social while also not slacking off.  I can’t stand to work with someone who seems bent on distracting me from the job.

I also got to teach a class to the newbie interns.  It included walking the grounds and discussing different topics to present to the public (we’re open for two tours during weekdays and four on Saturdays).  I liked getting the chance for them to feel like they got to know me right off the bat.  They need to rely on me for training for the next three months, and I’ll come to depend on them for prep work.

Tom (yes, ST.  I’ve wanted to come clean regarding his name for while.  When it slipped a few posts ago, he said he thought it was intentionally so I figured I’d make it permenent.) is very supportive of my work (ALL my work), and so I can’t begrudge him when he asks for a little time just for him.  Next weekend we’re heading hiking.  Look for pictures.

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