Untitled fiction

“Now hold on a minute!”

“Which one?” she asked cooly.

He stumbled under this twist in the dialog.  Every time they met, it was the same arguement, the same tears, the same making up.

“…which what one?”

She gazed at him, dry eyed, “Which minute?  Which minute would you like me to hold on?  The minute I thought you were coming back to me?  Or the minute I realized you would always leave?  Because you see, those are very different minutes.  And I need to know which one to hold on to.”

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One Response to Untitled fiction

  1. jules says:

    That is so very cool – as are you! I really cannot count the number of times in my life I *should* have used that line!

    Also? The fact that you have to stress the point that it is, actually, fiction? Would people otherwise be posting and emailing you asking if your marriage has broken up already? Would they not a) realise the use of 3rd person is a teensy hint? and/or b) know you or your style at all? Funny stuff. Hugs to you & gorgeous Tom.