Take Two

So, I’m showered although my hair isn’t washed but give me a break because evidently there is a bet going on that my hair is the longest it has ever been right now which means it takes roughly 6.1 days to dry since I am against blow dryers.

I got home at a pretty decent hour (7?  I think?) and had time to cook a meal and have some sex and try to buy Avenue Q tickets several times while cursing the TBPAC online sales do-hickey.

I’ve managed to keep myself from checking work email (one of two emails I check for the sanctuary) and only sent one volunteer-related email and I remembered to put the clothes in the dryer which means I’ll have something to wear tomorrow which is pretty awesome since in spite of working 12 hour days I am somehow still managing to eat like a horse and not lose weight so it wouldn’t be pretty if I had to go to work naked.

I plan to start getting up between 5 and 5:30 so I have time to work out.  Any bets on how long that will last?  I thought so.

There have been three deaths in past two months at the sanctuary for which I felt like I was the one who noticed the change in the animal.  It’s starting to bug.  I don’t want any sort of death-intuition unless I can work it in an insurance-reaping manner.

This is my brain.  This is my brain on sanctuary 24/7.  It is hectic and crowded and sad and pathetic and overweight.

On the other hand, I spend my days with people who will go out for drinks at a moments notice.  Who buy me Littlest Pet Shop toys to put on my computer.  Who can get mad and me and I get mad at them and three minutes later we’re laughing because we’re friends and our lives are impossible but it just keeps going.

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