Steam Heat

This is the second title and third post I’ve started.  Damnit, I’m finishing it.

Since mentioning that we were training to hike six months on end, we’ve done less and less.  I don’t know where you’re from but if you’ve reading this you’ve got internet access.  Check out the weekly highs in Tampa, FL.  Go on.  We’ll wait…


Hi.  Welcome to my fall.

The first long hike we did in this heat, we were woefully unprepared.  We didn’t bring near enough water.  Luckily, my body is a bit more in shape than Tom’s (thank you, pool, dumbbells, elliptical, and volunteer manual labor), I was able to shoulder more of the work (literally, we switched packs and saved him over 10 lbs on his back).

The second time, not only did we prepare but we hiked a trail with rest stops and coolers.  But it was a bike trail.  With no shade and asphalt.  I think we felt worse than before, with no flora or fauna to distract us.

By the way, a great way to meet people is carry a 20+ pound pack on a day hiking trail.  It’s not something that goes unnoticed.

Since then, each weekend we’ve suggested to each other smaller and smaller hikes.  One weekend we did a beach drive which allowed for a dip in the bay before going home.  Last weekend we just walked around our neighborhood a lot.

I yearn to get back to putting a heavy pack on my back and decent mileage under my feet.  And I’m glad we’ve done some in the FL heat.  But damn.  I am sick of walking a mile at 6:30am and sweating.

You may remind me of this post after our first December camping adventure.

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