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Tis the season!  Except it’s 80 degrees here.  Blech.  After several weeks in NC, Tom is home for a while and loving the warm weather.

Tom will actually be home quite a bit these days.  Because he accepted a promotion which puts him back to managing a single warehouse instead of installing/training/maintaining work flow systems on warehouses across the US.

I tried to write about this earlier but it depressed the hell out of me at first.  Accepting a new position now means no hike for us come March.  And as a new warehouse won’t be opening until after 1st quarter (maybe 2nd quarter?) of 2012, it’s feeling unlikely he’ll be ready to let it go and hike come 2013.

It’s not like I didn’t just spend an entire year scrimping, going without, holding off on a real job search, and meticulously planning this or anything.  Oh wait.  I did.  AND I HAVE THE SPREADSHEETS TO PROVE IT.

I have mostly gotten over the crushing weight of a year of my life spent planning for nothing and the dream of completing a spectacular goal with my husband dashed.  Mostly.

One thing I should say is that Tom did allow me to veto this move.  If I had said we have to hike or else, he would have turned it down.  But he had already expressed concern over our financial future with the hike looming and I could not in good faith tell him we’ll be fine and let it go.  That is one “I told you so” I cannot allow him to utter if we become broke and live out of our tent on the AT for good.

Another thing Tom has agreed to, which has mostly brought me out of my funk (mostly), is that I have somewhat Cart Blanche on my 2012.  If I want to not pursue a “real” job and go hike for awhile by myself, he will support that.  If I want to take a job that means I’m traveling M-F, he’ll man the home front as I did the past two years.  As long as we have a financial plan that can support my decision, he’s on board.

Kinda hard to hate the person who’s ruined my life when he’s so nice about everything.  Hurmph.

Right now, we are very up in the air with what and when things will happen.  We will end up moving.  Right now, it looks like just here in FL.  (This is part of the depressing thing for me – I knew this was a possibility and felt the upside would be the chance to move out of the state of sun and sand and back somewhere you could hike under pine trees.)

There is a small chance we could move to north GA, near Atlanta.  This is my preference and kind of Tom’s as well.  (The area we’d move to in FL is not pretty or exciting or in a good location for anything but warehousing.)  He was hand-picked for this FL position and someone else for the GA.  But Tom feels there is a possibility a player may back out and the deck will be reshuffled in our favor.

So…we’re moving somewhere at sometime in the first 6ish months of 2012.  I may or may not still attempt some kind of long hike and/or vacation and/or travel.

Basically, everything and/or nothing’s changed!  Merry Christmas!

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