Older And Wiser

Happy birthday to me!

Tom has been and gone (as evidenced by the photo of his pant leg) although he did remember to call me and extend appropriate best wishes so there’s that.

For those not bothering to keep track on the In Progress calender, Wednesdays are my usual days to visit/help my Gma.  Didn’t see any point on canceling on her just because I got a little bit older.  Plus, I’m about to leave her to fend for herself for a month.  Might as well show up while I’m able.

The biggest excitement I have going on other than our dinner plans is looking backwards.  9 years or so backwards, as I edit and proof and privatize a few things on the blog so I feel comfortable handing out the URL to all in my contacts list who wish to keep tabs on me during the big hike.

It’s been exhausting.  (9 years!  And I was a verbose bitch in the beginning.  I now hate my first year of blogging based on amount of posts alone.)  But it’s also been nice.  I got to me and TG dating yesterday and spent a lot of time laughing.  Damn that was a fun relationship while it lasted.

It’s also been confusing.    There is still one post about a date that I have no recollection of.  Don’t even remember dating anyone at the time.  Maybe it was fiction?  But I think it’s more likely I just had a really unmemorable date.  Probably a good thing I settled down.

And poor Tom.  He’s had to suffer through my prattling on and on about this project.

But I can’t wait to get to when he and I started dating.  I bet he can’t either.

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