Ready to RUMBLE

Oh wait. That’s wrestling. Which I suppose I am also up for.

But I am really, really ready to hike.

I am slogging through my to do list in preparation to leave. It has some annoyingly important/expensive/time-intensive items on there, like getting Lady’s teeth cleaned.

That took on a whole drama on its own as she already went in for a dental but her blood counts were wonky. Yet additional tests showed nothing wrong so we waited two weeks and retested. Her blood won gold stars this time and yay for Lady except now we are pushing up against our leave date and I’m pretty sure my father in law will do his version of an eye roll (a complete slack face stare) if I request they whip up a batch of mashed potatoes for the dog because her gums are sore.

The rest of the prep list is very annoying in the sense a lot of things are best left to the last minute.

Although I did finally dwindle my 1,104 pictures on my iPhone down to just 50. The 50 most essential photos to have on me. They include lots of dead animals and one dead person. I plan to carry my own little funeral home. Uplifting, no?

I am balancing that morbidity with lots of musical downloads including the three best songs from “Newsies”.

number 5 of 50. Tom with Spike, Lady, and Frisco

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One Response to Ready to RUMBLE

  1. TG says:

    That is an AWESOME photo mostly-of-Tom. (I’d say “of Tom,” but let’s face it, he’s pretty much obscured by fur.)

    Molly will occasionally sneak onto the couch while I’m napping, and that pose is eerily similar.