The biggest problem I have with not writing for so long is the that compulsory “I haven’t written in so long!” post that all bloggers feel responsible for.

I am finished with Gainesville in terms of getting  my grandmother’s life sorted out.  The old apartment is empty, she has phone service at her new place (not that she remembers how to use a phone), and all of her banking is now done by moi.

(If you hold POA for anyone, I highly suggest asking them to go ahead and put it on file with all important parties right now.  Before you need to use it.  Because when you need to use it, it’s more difficult to go in solo and demand access to someone’s money.)

Gma is declining quickly, both physically and mentally.  The mental aspects is hard to take.  She stayed sharp for so long.

I will attempt a biweekly visit structure for now.  I may need to go back to weekly visits as things progress.  She has little energy and while she is happy to see me, she drifts off to sleep almost immediately after my arrival.  I want to stay away a little so she learns to rely on the staff and hospice care takers versus me.  If I’m in the room, she looks to me to translate/speak louder/give her the answer.

If she didn’t have so many friends there, I’d move her to Tampa.  But she has at least one visitor a day-people who remind her of her old life and (hopefully) anchor her more in reality.

So now I’m doing some weird temp/part-time job search.  Luckily, I fell into a little groomer assistant position when I took Lady in for her yearly summer shave.  It’s not much, but while I’m there I keep active and up to my ears in animals.

Tom and I have planned our annual trip to the cabin in mid-August.  I’m very much looking forward to it, although it adds a complication to the whole job search thing.  Originally I had wanted to drive up-save some money, see some sights, get a taste of the freedom I had on the trail.  But with this part-time gig I can’t take too much time off.

(Although the amount of money we could have saved by me driving might have offset quitting the job.  Yeesh.)

It’s annoying to be worried about money when in reality we’ve survived on Tom’s paycheck for over a year quite easy.  Almost all of my previous paycheck went straight into savings.  But money’s about the only thing I’m conservative about and I miss making that huge transfer from checking to savings every month.

And…that’s about it.  I’m trying to find the new normal to our life.  I’m trying to happy and enjoy myself.  But this new rhythm will always have one off-beat.  Waiting for something more to happen.

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