Monday Meloncholy Minutiae

I am feeling a bit down today.  There is sad news and worrying outcomes surrounding us.  I also really missed my dad yesterday.  I busted out crying in the middle of “How I Met Your Mother”.  Not when Marshall’s father dies.  When Barney’s brother James meets his dad and they play “Stand By Me” on the piano because my dad and I did that.

Tom was eating wings and could not clean up in time to comfort me.  It was pathetic but also funny which is what I needed.

So, today I just feel like sharing the hum drum of my life.  If you’ve ever wanted to peak into my mornings, follow along.  If not, see you tomorrow!

The alarm went off at 5:30AM.  It’s set to go off at that time every day of the week.  I rarely need to get going exactly on the dot, but sometimes I do and I like consistency.  Today, I didn’t need to so I slept in until about 6:30.  I’m probably the only person who likes daylight savings.  Given the chance, I wake up with the sun automatically.  Now that the time has changed I can do this and only be an hour off my game instead of two.

I go to the bathroom and then weigh myself.  Good or bad, I fluctuate more dramatically then other people so tracking it every day and seeing a general trend is best for me.

Then it’s straight to the kitchen and the espresso machine.  I have a quadruple cappuccino with a half cup of almond milk every morning.  Without fail.  Do not pass go.  There will be no go without my caffeine.  Sometimes I consider doing a “detox” or “cleanse” and the sole reason for it would be to see how I survive without caffeine.

While the coffee is brewing (it was already set up the night before), I unload the dishwasher.  We have started hand-washing our dishes due to how poorly FL water works in our dishwasher.  Therefore the dishes are always in some state of need and unloading the dishwasher – which we use as a drying rack – gets me one step ahead for the day.

Once I have my coffee, I settle down for about a half hour to an hour of “wake up” time.  Using my iPhone, I check my email, facebook, and whatever silly games have caught my attention.  Right now it’s “Pocket Frogs”.  And of course Words with Friends.  I will sometimes check CNN and NPR via apps as well.

The animals feeders (three cats, one dog) will portion out their correct breakfast at 6AM.  I like to be ready to walk Lady at 6:30.  But today it didn’t matter I was running late – one of the cats had been trying to break open the dog feeder the night before so it was tucked away in the bathroom.  I feel bad for Lady when this happens because she eats later – and she KNOWS the feeder has gone off.  But the alternative is to have it go off and only dispense 1/2 her food because some cat stole the rest during the night.

I dress in workout clothes for our walk.  If it’s cool and I plan to hit the gym in biking shorts, I’ll throw sweats over the whole ensemble.  Otherwise, I’m running outside and dress for that.  I work out six times a week.  I will either skip a workout on a day I know I’ll be busy bathing dogs or on Sundays when Tom and I plan something active like a hike or volunteering.

My morning walk with Lady is one of my favorite times of the day.  She is such a sweet, amiable dog that I can pretty much let her decide everything we do.  But we have a bit of a routine – a 1/4 mile walk to the park nearby.  Then, if she has not shown signs of disinterest, we’ll walk on the boardwalk surrounding the park.  There are lots of good smells for her- the swamp, raccoon poop, etc.  But her real treat is that we start walking back through the park field and she gets to stop and eat as much grass as she wants.  (She doesn’t throw up.  Her bowel movements are fine.  She just is a sheep dog who thinks she’s a sheep.)  Sometimes on the weekends Tom will accompany us and we’ll let her off leash and run her between us like Red Rover.

At home, I might do one or two “Gotta Get Done” chores before working out.  Today, since I didn’t have plans to leave the house, I got Roomba ready.  Roomba has saved our lives in terms of how much dust, dirt and cat hair we breath in.  But Roomba is also annoying.  And sometimes does not always take the cleaning route I would suggest, which drives me bonkers.  So Roomba must do his work without people present.  Sometimes I can let him run while I’m up in the loft/computer room.  But usually I come downstairs for something and he tries to hump my foot and I’m over it.

Today was a running day.  I finished week four of Couch to 5 K.  My neighborhood as an easy three-mile loop on the main street, so I use that.  I’m not at a point in the program where I use the entire distance for the workout, but I’ve found having the extra 1/2 mile or so as more cool down helps with my shin splints.  I’ll add some neighborhood alcoves as I progress to get that extra cool down.  I’m also close to a point where I want to try and use the treadmill.  I am a very, very, very, very slow runner.  I’m hoping working with the treadmill will speed me up a hair.  (Get it?)

Back home, I might start with a few daily chores like feeding the fish, checking the animal water fountain, doing dishes.  Almost always I have breakfast by 8:30.  Earlier on days I work.  And almost always I have a spinach-blueberry-greek yogurt-whey protein smoothie.  Today it didn’t seem to fill me up as much, so I had some celery afterwards.  (Yes, I can be very specific about these wonderful food choices this morning.  Just don’t ask what I ate over this weekend.  Ugh.)

Mondays have somehow turned into laundry day for me.  Probably because it’s a day I will never have to go work.  And I like sticking around the house, planning the rest of the week.  It’s also a big cooking day.  Most weeks I cook two-three large dishes and few sides Mondays and Tuesdays, then we eat from that the rest of the week.  This week I want to make eggplant curry so I set out chickpeas to soak.  I also boiled some eggs for Tom’s breakfasts, blanched some green beans, and steamed some broccoli.  The last three things were done using the same boiling water, some simultaneously.

Once the first load of laundry finished in the washer, I took a quick break to finally shower.  I’ll leave with you with that wonderful image.  Happy Monday!

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