A Meta Thank You

As some of you know, this specific domain was a gift from my ex TG.  I blogged for over two years on a free blogspot site and had been talking about getting my own so he gave me jessicainprogress.com complete with one year of hosting as a Christmas present.

I am somewhat paying it forward this year by setting up a site for my mother to blog about living and working on a lavender farm.  (No, I did not just spill the beans.  She asked for this a while ago and right now is doing homework on how she wants it designed.  Yes, I will share her link when she’s up and running.)

Setting up the site for my mother at the same time my hosting plan was up for renewal at the same time we’re hemorrhaging cash for the holidays made me very aware of the fact that this site is quite a frivolous expense in our budget.

Yes, I could downsize my plan to another company.  But I’m sure I’d regret it.  I could go back to a free blogging platform, but I don’t want to.  So what’s a frugal girl to do?

Going with the “it doesn’t hurt to ask” philosophy, I got in touch with DreamHost and asked if I could receive a small discount for being a loyal customer.

They got back to me right away with an answer of “certainly” and “thanks”.

To be clear, I was going to stay with them anyway.  I have only had one time in seven years of my site not loading correctly and it was a database server move that was correctly and quickly rectified by polite and competent support.

Do loyal customers of an establishment deserve discounts?  I’m sure everyone has a different opinion on that.  But I’m all about saving a buck when I can.  And all this cost me was a a few minutes typing with some pleases and thank yous.

(Please note DreamHost did not sponsor or request this post.  I am just a very happy customer who thinks their product is worth seven years of sticking by them and wanted to share.)

Seven years.  I just realized that makes my relationship with them my longest ever.  And they didn’t even put a ring on it!


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