Day 112

Start: Delaware Water Gap/Pocono Inn
End: Delaware Water Gap/Pocono Inn
Miles: 0
Total Miles: 1289.3

Today the plan was to hike 11 miles to the Mohican Outdoor Center for tenting. This would be an easy hike day, we’d be “ahead” of our plan since we thought we wouldn’t get to DWG until today, we’d get a shower with our tenting fee, and have access to the camp store for goodies.

But last night the rain finally came. And shows no sign of leaving. The idea of hiking in the rain (assuming no hideously slippery rocks) is appealing these days. It’s cooler and the bugs aren’t out. But the idea of tenting/camping in the rain? So over it. The MOC does have a bunkhouse, but it’s a per person rate. Getting space for both of us would run the same cost as another night at the hotel. Making 10 miles does not seem worth it.

We took advantage of the room and extra time by buying Epsom salts at the gas station/quick mart. Not only should this help our feet, but I’m hoping a soak will help my skin in general. It is not as bad as in the beginning, when I was too cold for bandana bathes, but I have a plethora of red bumps. I can’t distinguish between inflamed hair follicle, bug bite, or small wound.

We ventured out to see what the Edge Of The Woods outfitter had. Outfitter (my husband, not the store) has been without trekking poles for a few days. One of the carbide tips broke off. His poles are not made to replace tips, so they became kinda useless. Fortunately, the store has one pair of rubber tips made to slip over the carbide ones. I prefer to use these because it supposedly helps with Leave No Trace. (You don’t poke holes in the trail, scratch rocks, or make annoying clicking noise. But I say supposedly because I have now had two pairs get ripped off by rocks and not been able to retrieve them. Kinda sucks to know I’ve left rubber out there in the woods. I believe I’ve figured out the issue is a pair of tips will only last about 500 miles.)

ANYWAY, the tips mean Outfitter’s poles are useable again and saves us a bit of money for now.

After, we ate lunch at the Apple Pie Bakery. Great food, although we did not go with the famous Hot-Dog-And-Slice-Of-Pie for 2.49.

We hang out in the hotel for the afternoon, doing a little bed-dance of joy every time it rains hard enough for us to hear. We cannot wait out every rain storm- and I would not want to- but sometimes things align nicely. At least the weather has fallen as forecasted and we are warm and dry.

For dinner, we hit the local pizza joint. Lots of hikers are here- WhyNot, Dip’N’Sip, Newton, and several we haven’t officially met. It’s a cool social moment, although its clear that many of them are trying to stick together and hike as a big family. I think I am a little jealous of these hiking “tribes” when I overhear the concern and interest they have in each other. But on the other hand, I have my tribe. It’s only two opinions to be reconciled. Thank goodness.

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