Day 119

Start: NJ 94/Vernon, NJ
End: Warwick Turnpike/Meadow Lark Farms B & B
Miles: 5.5
Total Miles: 1358.1

We got up early and hit Dunkin’ Doughnuts for breakfast, packed up, and once again got a hitch in almost record time.

The climb this morning was called “Stairway to Heaven”. It did have some stairs, but overall I think it’s called such for the “Heaven” view from the top.

We didn’t have far to go, but had several logistics to figure out. When we first chose packages to ship to this B&B, we thought it was right next to a grocery store. The way it was listed first in services at a mileage marker in the guide led us astray. Turned out, it’s really in the boonies. The owner does pay per mile shuttles, but we did not want to ask for multiple shuttles of trail to town to B&B etc.

We found a reasonable solution though. We got a hitch to the grocery store and resupplied. While paying, I saw a bus so Outfitter ran out to get the deal. It’s some sort of by-demand public transit and the driver took us to a laundromat.

This was the busiest laundromat we’ve been to on the trail. I felt very self conscious with how we smelled and looked. (Especially after I ducked in the ladies room to remove my bra and shirt and wear my jacket while washing.). But there was a small strip of grass with shade cover of a few trees. We sat out there to eat lunch and read in between washing and drying.

And everyone there was very nice. If they don’t get many thru hikers, they are at least aware they live close to the AT.

Dorothy picked us up and deposited us at the B&B. It is a very small place and kinda…strange. I can’t quite describe how. Maybe because the downstairs is small and cluttered and obviously her living space.

Our room was fabulous though. It isn’t one she usually puts hikers in, yet she gave us the hiker rate. There is even a towel warmer which we use to help dry hand-washing of the clothes we had to wear to remain decent at the laundromat.

We dug into our bounce box and new shoes with enthusiasm. We especially needed to look at the guidebooks and start deciding where/when we would get off the trail for my mother’s birthday.

We settled on getting off trail later than earlier, trying to push through “The Whites”, some of the hardest and scariest (weather-wise) mountains on the trail. This would put us in Gorham, NH which has Enterprise car rental. It seemed perfect.

Our only snafu today was we did not buy great supplies for dinner. Some Italian shortbread cookies and chips got us through.

View after Stairway

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