Running Water and Electric Outlets and Mattresses, Oh My!

I ended up not needing the incision (for now, fingers crossed), thank goodness. But I was no where near healed so I kept my follow-up appointment to get different/more medications.

Then we promptly started looking at flights for me to Atlanta.

Outfitter/Tom (may I call him Tom again?) made the difficult decision to continue hiking without me. This was an outcome we’d discussed before ever stepping one foot on the trail and one we agreed on – if someone wished to hike solo while the other had to stop, that’s what they would do.

But it was hard for him to decide. He was very worried about me and despite being a grown woman and sending me to his mother, A NURSE, he somehow thought I might decline without his constant attention. But finally he decided I seemed well enough I could be trusted with my own health and that he would regret not pushing on.

I came to my in-laws instead of my mother for many reasons. They have a bigger home with a good spare bedroom/bathroom set-up on one floor. They are closer to FL if I felt like visiting friends. And they have all my stuff.

Although I did not pack our clothes very well. All the easy-to-find clothes are jeans and sweatpants. Luckily I found some capris and one dress (my favorite dress) that are appropriate for summer. And since I’ve been wearing one of two shirts for months on end, it doesn’t bother me that much.

I was scared to travel since it involved an hour long car ride, a two and a half hour plane ride, an hour and a half van ride, then a final hour car ride. That was a lot of scheduling and walking and being clothed. But in the end it all went very smoothly and while I was tired and in pain by the end, I was here no worse for wear.

I’ve been in Georgia for four days now. I am slowly feeling better. I do not miss the trail right now. Even with just sitting around the house, I get tired enough that I sleep a full 8-9 hours a night. So it’s very evident I did the right thing.

It soon became evident to Tom that he did not do the right thing. I wish he could have enjoyed solo hiking as much as I did last year. And perhaps he will someday if he specifically plans a lone adventure. But for this hike, he just couldn’t get into it. He lasted three days on the trail without me. Then he hitched to the train station right on the trail that goes into New York City. From there he took another train to my mother’s.

Yup. We switched. Some fucked up adult version of Parent Trap.

You see, we are not planning to returning to the trail this year. At all. I have mixed emotions about this. I think if we didn’t have the adventure of the move to the cabin ahead of us, we would definitely try to get back to at least get further along. We have 800 miles (a little less) still to go so that’s a huge chunk of time, especially if you consider whenever we go back we’ll need to get back into “trail shape”. Although at least in Wisconsin we can do some hiking on hills to train.

So I hate that our hike was so abruptly ended with little thought of how we’ll get back. But on the other hand, I am excited about the cabin and I’ve been looking forward to this move. One thing I was sad about at the beginning of this year was that the hike meant we wouldn’t get to enjoy any of the summer time at the cabin. Now we will.

ANYWAY, Tom went off to my mom because he decided we really needed the Corolla (which I had driven Lady there in and then left) to make the trip north with three cats. (Tommy, Tom’s dad, exclaimed, “Well that don’t make no sense.” “Yup. But he’s decided so there’s no point in telling him otherwise.” “Don’t know where he gets that from…”). I’m not in a place to argue since I can’t/won’t drive the truck pulling the trailer.

At some point today I expect Tom to start the drive down here. We’ll then coordinate a time to hopefully stay with friends in Tampa and crate up the cats for our great trip north.

I still have one day left of the trail to re-cap for you, but I’ve been putting it off. Maybe that is when it will hit me that we’re done (for now). Of course, I’ve been here four days and today is the first day I decided to fire up my laptop and type on something larger than my iPhone screen. Civilization is great and all, but I need to take baby steps. (And not just because of my infection.)

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