Day 122-127

Start: Fort Montgomery, NY/Holiday Inn
End: Fort Montgomery, NY/Holiday Inn
Miles: 0
Total Miles: 1399.4

Today Outfitter gallantly went off early in the AM in search of a pharmacy to find me Epsom salts.

But even before lunch, it was obvious I was worse, not better.

After the clinic visit and dire warnings to go to the ER for IV antibiotics if I ran a fever, we got my prescriptions, got back to the hotel, and I promptly ran a fever.

We opted to try and wait it out. The antibiotics should squelch the infections and get rid of the fever- they just needed time to work. It was a pretty uncomfortable and somewhat scary night.

By morning, my fever had broken. Now I just needed the actual abscess and local infection to go away.

We stayed in that hotel room for six days. I returned to the clinic for my GYN appointment. This originally was for an incision and drain. I was pretty sure I’d healed enough to not need it, but I only had four days left of antibiotics and figured I wouldn’t be 100% with just that. The healing goes very, very, very slow in such a critical, er, junction.

No picture. You’re welcome

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