Baby, It’s Cold Inside

Autumn is here in the north woods.  Leaves are changing colors, geese are flying migration patterns overhead, and the temperature is dropping to downright chilly overnight.

The family has done little to landscape in the past, keeping the yards mostly trees and ferns.  This is beautiful and low maintenance (on a daily basis at least) and really makes you feel like you’re in the woods.

But once you start looking at it from a home owner’s perspective, you realize that a half dozen trees could collapse the house during a good storm.  Also, the amount of sun they block is incredible; we have moss on our roof because of lack of light.

This natural UV protection also means that the house doesn’t get warm easily on its own.  This is ideal for a summer cabin.  For a 35 degree night where the daytime high won’t reach 60, it’s a recipe for hibernation.

We can’t even have indoor fires right now because we’re prepping to install stove pipe and hook up a used wood stove we got for a steal.  The chimney sweep was here yesterday and gave the all clear so now the pipe has been ordered.

For myself and Tom, the coldness of the cabin during the daytime is motivation to keep busy.  Not so for the cats.  But somehow they survive.  They all carved out warm niches in the house and stayed there until after 2pm today.


Spike was most conventional, choosing to snooze on our bed.  We have one new, portable electric heater and we are trying to only use that one (very, very old inefficient electric in-wall heaters in most of the rooms but they cost a TON to use).  We’ve set the new one up in the bedroom and keep it on low all day so that bedtime will be comfy and cozy.


Pixie gets the “most spoiled” award.  That’s the box my 25lbs of tomatoes came in.  Paired with the heating pad I wish was under my back right now.  Oh well.  She’ll get out some time…right?


Celeste (along with Paddington bear) was most creative.  This is an old lamp with a three-way switch and I believe the highest wattage on the bulb is 150.  Her black fur soaks it up; I love snuggling her after she’s had some “sun” therapy.  This was my grandfather’s reading lamp.  My grandparents were always worried we’d go blind reading by dim light.  Maybe they were just chilled?

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