I interviewed for a position on the fly on Tuesday.  Submitted my resume one hour, got called in the next 15 minutes, and drove over two hours later.

An hour into the interview, I knew it would a frustrating and awesome job.  As they tried and failed to compartmentalize the job duties encompassed, I ventured, “You’re looking for a girl Friday.”

“Yes, a girl Friday.”

Y’all, I have always, always wanted to describe myself as a girl Friday.  Partly because I think it makes me look cuter in swishy skirts and heels.  Sexy librarian meets bounty hunter.

Partly because if you look at my past jobs, and look further than what I was actually hired to do, it is the breadth and not depth of my abilities that has made me a valuable employee.  I am a “Yes Man” at heart, a multitasker in the brain, and a nerd by birth.  Add it together and you get an employee who does not know how to form the sentences, “That’s not in my job description” and “No, I don’t know how to do that.”

(Actually, several past employers can attest to the fact I’ll say, “I don’t know how to do that” when put on the spot in a meeting.  Only to come back 45 minutes later (processing time, my dear introverts.  You feel me?), proffer an item 5/6th to spec, and ask, “Is this what you meant?”)

Since the interview went so well, I’ve been stymied about writing here.  I believe in jinxes, especially in the written word.  I did not want to say that an interview went well because it was possible for those words to fly from the Internet to my prospective bosses and stick in their ear (kind of like a horrible nightmare game of telephone) as, “Don’t hire her.”

But!  I’ve been hired!  Or at least, sent an offer letter (which I accepted) (right after an interview for a lower paying, less interesting job with a longer commute.  I was offered that position on the spot and let’s all thank somebody I asked for twenty four hours to think it over).

This is a part-time pay-the-bills/fill-the-gaps/keep-Jessica-busy position.  I can already tell the biggest challenge for me will be to not get so excited and wrapped up in this business that I want to work full time.

More regularly-scheduled canning/cabin/cat posts will be forthcoming now that I don’t have a job search to sweat over.

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2 Responses to TGIF

  1. Joe says:

    Jessica Friday… I like it…

  2. Hee! Me too. I’m stealing that for future use. Thanks for reading!