Yes or No

We’re pretty busy around these here parts. Tom’s working like mad to get the crawl space enclosed and I’m helping when I’m not work-working, cooking, canning, or prepping for guests.

(We had an awesome time last weekend with some friends we know from my Mom. Without them, we would have not canoed at all this year. And Cathy is coming this Wednesday!! I can’t wait!)

My point is, I have little time or energy to write. This weekend was spent digging trenches and feeling like an old woman who dug trenches.

But still. I feel I simply must give you something. And so…

Me: Is it time for bed yet?
Tom: It’s twenty to seven.
Me: Why can’t you ever just answer a question?! “am I digging deep enough?” ” is it bedtime?” These are Yes or No questions! Why can’t you say yes or no???

Me: Are you happy you married me?
Tom: It’s warm in here with the fire.
Me: Good answer. I also would have accepted, “it’s twenty to seven”.

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2 Responses to Yes or No

  1. Paul Fagen says:

    I plan on incorporating “it’s twenty to seven” as marital code for, “yup, I’m going to bed.” It just rolls of the tongue and fully conveys what needs to be said.

  2. Jessica In Progress says:

    I love it! What’s worse is that this week Tom said he was going to bed and I blurted out, “It’s only 9:12!” I got a good lecture over that.