People Don’t Say Quince Enough These Days

Look! My dog came to visit!


Oh yeah, my Mom came along too.


Not sure how daily blogging will occur with a guest staying the week. Stay tuned.

Today is rainy in the north woods so we jumped on an indoor project my mother wanted to accomplish.

At the farm, there is a quince tree. I’m not sure how to describe quince except weird apple. My father used to make quince jelly and this year when the tree fruited much to my mother’s surprise she went through the juice process and froze it to bring to Wisconsin. As you do.

Actually, I think this may be a pre-requisite to visit now. Bring local produce to can so I don’t have to tend a garden.

Nothing too exciting about this jelly. Quince is high enough in pectin that you just boil juice, add sugar, reach gel stage, can.

Mom likes it for the color.


There was a cup or so of juice left. I made a quince margarita. Because of course.

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