Might Want to See A Specialist

It might appear to you that I get very few comments.  And, if you are turned off by verification/approval process to the point you yourself don’t comment, I get it.  I do.

But I have that process because I do indeed get a lot of comments.  Even with Askminet (a spam blockers add-on to WordPress), which automatically throws lots of things away, I can get a lot in my “spam” folder.

Every once and a while, a comment from a real live person who wants to communicate with me gets in there.  And every once and a while, I don’t catch it and hit delete all.  Sorry!

Every once and a while, although a comment is truly spam, it’s really really good spam.  I’m almost tempted to hit publish on those.  Instead, I cut and paste a few of them here.

As well as interesting, You’re an very specialist writer. I have signed up with the feed and show off forward so that you can interested in added of your respective amazing article. Furthermore, I have got discussed your site within my myspace.”

This reminds me of when a friend in high school tried to get me to submit an article to her underground magazine.  She (tried to) compliment me by saying, “You’re just so…verbose!  We really want to publish you!”  It made me wonder 1) why someone who clearly didn’t know the definition of verbose was publishing a magazine and 2) If I would ever win the “Most Wordy” Nobel Prize.

At least that is the theory.

This one was almost passes for real.  You’d have to pay attention to the junk email addresses and extra ad links to know whatever theory is out there, in reality it’s spam.

I think he laid out an elaborate method of scheming and discussed the distress that awaited us.”

AHH!  A spammer writing a captivating sentence!  I want to know more!  About him and the awaiting distress.  Not online pill ordering.

I am bookmarking your feeds also It was a quite nice theme! Just wanna say thank you for the information you have apportioned. Just keep on composing this sort of put up. I will be your accurate reader. Thanks yet again….

Aww.  Sadly, I will also be YOUR accurate reader and note the fakey fake from a mile away.

This is truly great to know. I hope it will be effective in the long term. Excellent occupation on this and keep up the very good function….

Some outsourced work-from-home commenter/ad generator needs to be paid in dictionaries.

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