A No-Sense Thanksgiving

I have much to be grateful for this year.  Husband.  Family.  Friends.

What I don’t have is the ability to speak.  I woke up with my throat even more sore and raspy than yesterday.

Most annoying is the I’m-ever-so-thankful-for-husband?  Keeps forgetting and yelling questions to me two rooms away.

I also can’t smell, and therefore cannot taste, so cooking was a bit underwhelming.

But cook I did.  I’d chosen several fun, nutritious side dishes (roasted butternut squash and kale salad with lentils & roasted brussel sprouts with quinoa, pecans, and dried cranberries) and I figured whether or not I could taste it, it would be good for me.

The kale salad called for microplaned ginger in the dressing.  So at least I had some ginger on hand to boil into tea, with lemon and honey.

Whoo!  Something to drink!

Yeah, let’s ignore the five bottles of wine I got dirt cheap that are resting, unopened.

Despite the lack of yelling power, I don’t think I’m actually worse today.  Just not better.  And a little out of my senses.

Happy Thanksgiving, Y’all.

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