Less Awesome

I have cellulitis again!  (And thank you spell check for wanting to change that to cellulite.  Yes, I’ve got that too.)

A very bad case of cellulitis in my groin area stopped our hike of the entire Appalachian Trail this summer.  It got me wondering about bumps I’d had previously and whether instead of being cursed to get so sick, I was actually very lucky that this was the first major illness I’d had from my skin issues.

This time it came on fast.  Within twenty-four hours I knew I needed antibiotics and possibly more.  This is scary for a number of reasons.

1) We live in the boonies now.  We’re actually lucky that we have two clinics and a hospital within an hour drive. But that is a far cry from the 10-minute commute to over a dozen doctors, clinics, hospitals, and specialists we had in Tampa.

2) We had no idea of the quality of care at these facilities.

3) Thanks to the Affordable Health Care Act, Tom and I will be covered by a decent plan on January 1, 2014.  So far I believe cellulitis lurks in the shadows, striking at the most inconvenient times.

My saint of a husband dropped everything yesterday morning to accompany me to a clinic.  I had felt OK and gone to work. The cellulitis is in a crease of my left thigh and I would guess that the drive to work and sitting at my desk squeezed/inflamed it.  I then ended up at work alone, felt like shit REAL quick, and had a mild panic attack over trying to drive such a long distance feeling the way I did.

The clinic was nice and clean.  Everyone I saw was professional, knowledgeable, and sympathetic.  They only asked for a small amount upfront and then bill later so I’m unsure how reasonable the visit was.

I saw a Dr. Smith, who chided the previous health care I received on the fact they did not drain the infected area in August.  (Not in a mean way, but in a “I am a Dr who likes to see proper care given” way.) Then when he examined me, he realized he couldn’t drain this either.  (Cellulitis presents on me as very hard, not fluid at all, knots pretty deep under my skin.)

So I got some antibiotics, told to apply hot compresses almost constantly, and a request for a re-check in a few days.  Merry Christmas to me!

My favorite beverages are wine, whiskey, and water. Guess which one I’m allowed to drink right now!

Let’s start a new Christmas tradition of stuffing wet hot rags down our pants!  All! Day!  Long!

In reality, I’m aware I’m very lucky.  I caught this early enough (and crammed three servings of cephalixin in me yesterday afternoon) so that I haven’t had a fever.  The antibiotics to clear up the infection are generic.  I am able to work from home some so I don’t get too behind and can get paid to wear PJs.

And it’s taken me twice as long as usual to write this because I’m getting used to the keyboard on my brand new laptop that Tom insists was not a Christmas present but a “You need a new laptop” present.

Since I would have chosen one without a ten-key built in because HELLO all that space could mean less crampy-hand positions, I will accept this as a non-Christmas gift and expect multitudes of tangibles in festive glory tomorrow morning.  Just don’t be surprised when I jump up and down for joy if a rag falls out of my PJs.

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