Waming Heart and Home

It was negative 25 degrees (without windchill) when I got up this morning.

Most of Wisconsin and Minneapolis decided to shut down today.  And I had the option to do so as well.  My boss texted yesterday that I did not need to feel obligated to make the drive.

But the world didn’t seem that horrible. I decided to take an extra half hour to warm up the car and then toodle on in.

I so deserve a randomly not fair and not earned for doing anything more than showing up bonus.  Because I was the only one who decided to come in and I came in to a flood.

A pipe burst in the back and it’s causing all kinds of havoc.  Our office is actually three separate store fronts that have been combined.  There are lots of small rooms and connecting doors and it’s a whole big mess.

I am particularly grateful that my boss did not decide I should figure out how to handle it.  We don’t even keep a push broom or a decent janitor mop on hand.  Oh, and did I mention the flood in the back area had half turned to ice?

The professional carpet cleaner could not come out because he can’t suck water out to his tanks in this weather.  It will freeze up his system.

At least the actual rooms we use to work in are unaffected.  Unless you count the foot traffic of landlords and plumbers and repair people.

Finding that burst pipe this morning made me all the more thankful for our rehabilitation of our home.  One of my fears about us living here for the winter is that somehow we will break the house.  That after over 100 years of getting to just chill all winter, it would creak and complain and break at the constant heat and use.

We’re by no means off the hook.  We already know of a spot where the paint has suffered because we did not vent the water heater far away enough from the wall.  And the real test will probably be spring, as the ice on the roof melts.

But with the radiant floor heating supplying constant warmth to our pipes, it seems more likely famine than flood will drive us out.  So, as always, send cookies.  And wine.  People have wine famines, right?

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