The Things I Do For YOU

We still haven’t returned to a normal sleep schedule since Hawaii.  I knew from my previous trip to not trust any energy I felt like I had the day after – I took that day off work and thank goodness.  Tom tried to do work and after the second wrong work email sent (without an attachment), I finally convinced to at least STEP AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER.  You are drunk emailing, sir.  Without a lovely buzz.

But even though we’ve been pretty tired, we also can’t seem to sleep.  A certain amount of stress is swirling around us right now.  (Although more Tom than me.  I got all my stressing out in January.  The fact that we are not synchronized stressers is probably nine tenths of why this marriage works.)

We’ve tried going to bed when we’re tired.  We’ve tried staying up.  We’ve slept together.  We’ve slept apart.

Last night I chose the “bed when tired” approach and retired at 6:30pm.  And I did get sleep.  Until 3AM.  Which, obviously, was a great amount of sleep.  But it does not set me up for a particularly productive diurnal schedule.

Anyway, I got up at 5AM all set to write to you about the store.  Because it’s a thing now. A real thing with bills that need paying and shiny new stuff zipping to us to sell on our non-existent shelves.  (If this thing flops?  You so want to be on my Christmas list this year.)

But I wanted to include pictures and they are all my phone.  While I prefer the phone media interface, I prefer typing on the computer.  My brand new computer on which I never installed iTunes.

So since 5AM I have installed iTunes, googled “Why Windows 8 Can’t See My iPhone” eight times, reset a bunch of stuff, finally got recognition using a non-Apple USB cord, let the phone sync, and backed up the phone.

By this point I had given up completely the idea of blogging and left for yoga class in the middle of an iOS update for Tom to hover over.

It crashed.

My phone crashed.  Or iTunes crashed and my phone went down with the captain.  All I know is I came in to the words, “You’re not going to be happy.”

Now, in retrospect, I’m astonished by how not upset I was.  My first reaction was, “How will I ever survive?”  My second was, “Whee!  All those responsibilities I App are gone!”

But remember, I backed up my phone.  And it worked.  Right down to the grocery list and my weekday alarm settings.

So I’ll blog about the store soon (where have you read that before?).  But for now I am happy to share that we need coffee filters.


One photo of the store.  The story of which you will have to wait for because I am evil like that.


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