Will You

When Tom and I met I was positive I was not going marry again.  Serial dating fit my lifestyle, my independence, and my romantic maturity level (one teeeeeeny step above, “If you like it, throw a rock at it”).

In fact, when we met I had been “dating” TG for over a year while continuing to meet and date other people for various smaller amounts of time.  It was my admitting that perhaps my desired commitment level to someone else included, “Don’t Date Other People” and TG deciding he did not want to level up (so to speak) that sparked my re-interest in pursuing online matches.

Then I met Tom.

He took down his dating profile a full one day after our first date.  On his own.  And it freaked me the fuck out.

But I stuck with him through that particular hyperventilation.  And a month or two down the road, I decided I was ready to do the same.  And become some sort of…couple-ish?…thing?…with him.  And since we were just waiting on ME, I had to be the one to say something.

I made him watch this video today and asked if it seemed familiar.


Grace Helbig is amazingly funny.  You should subscribe to her channel and be prepared to laugh and perhaps ask her to be the person who forgets your birthday.

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  1. Mom says:

    She is hilarious!