Monday – A List

1) The “Open Gym” hours my fitness studio were cancelled today.  I’ve been on a small roll health-wise so I’m bummed I didn’t get my cardio in.  But,

2) My left hip has been aching.  Like “slept on it wrong” aching for two days now.  Maybe another day of rest will set it right.

3) And (see the But in #1), I started a small at-home exercise morning routine today.  Nothing huge but I’ve done this program before successfully when I’ve needed to ramp up the movement level from “sloth” to “something more than sloth”.  So even without the gym hours, I did move myself more than usual today.

4) I heard small good things from two favorite people.  It’s amazing how happy you can be for someone else.  Not just happy for them – the news made me happier in general.  It was like my own personalized cat gif.  (Please note if you would like to make me a cat gif I’m willing to be happier in general other days of the week as well.)

5) I felt out-of-sorts at the shop today.  Just not motivated.  So I decided to take on my least-favorite task: cold calling (two dealer reps, one service person).  Evidently if I already feel apathetic about how the day is going, I don’t get as bad phone anxiety.

6) Part of my apathy was getting some installation/training scheduled during my usual PT job hours.  Not that they care.  But we got it squared away and then the time changed and I know they STILL won’t care, but I care.  Fuck with my schedule all you want, just don’t let it fuck those down the line.

7) I am making cornbread right now.

8) And roasted broccoli, brussel sprouts, and carrots.  (After roasting carrots with broccoli I find them undercooked and tell myself never again.  But then they are just sitting in the crisper.  Waiting!  And it can all be cooked as one big happy vegetable medley!  I shall report back if doing the same thing time and time again does indeed give the same result.)

9) Not a Monday thing exactly, but we had an awesome do-nothing-but-what-we-want weekend and it was so what we needed.  It got Monday off on the right foot.

10) One thing I wanted to do but didn’t was drink.  Whiskey and wine are off my table for a bit.  I don’t have room for the calories either in the drinks themselves or the snacks they make me gravitate towards.  Le sigh.  So if you’re reading this and are so inclined (and legally able), have a glass for me.  Keep them in business until I get back, please?


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