Down The Rabbit Hole

I’ve been very tired yet having a hard time sleeping the past few days.  We’ve reached a stage with the shop where there are so many balls up in the air.  Orders we’ve placed, but haven’t received.  Orders we’ve received, but aren’t in inventory.  Inventory that hasn’t been processed in our point of sale system.  Point of sale items that aren’t in our accounting software.

It’s a lot and it feels like we’re never getting enough done.

I have started writing up a more concrete, less whiny, description of the store.  But my mind just isn’t there tonight.

Instead I went digging in my old files.  Oh my.  Sometimes I can barely remember what my life was like a year ago.  And I certainly don’t remember writing this.  But it was something I needed to read today.

From December, 2004

“The future should not dictate the past.  I shouldn’t look at where we are now and cast shadows back.

I’m trying to leave each where they lay.  Hard for such an organized girl like myself.  Hard to not pick up the pieces and try to make a pretty picture.  But I know there are completely different puzzle boxes mixed up together – a snapshot of the cabin, a black and white of hugging at the airport, a split shot of us on the phone.  And us at breakfast.  I need to not try and mix them together.  Let the past be what it was, the future what it will be, and enjoy right now for what it is.”

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