The Older And Wiser Gal For Me

What I have been “up to”:

1) Coming off the wagon.

After a month abstaining from wine, women, and song whiskey (which spellcheck will not let me spell the Irish way) and alcohol in general, I am enjoying a nice white as I type* so I better type fast before there are more parentheses and squiggly red lines under words.

I took a month sans liqueur to jump start healthy habits.  And I think I am not alone in that every person who knows of addictive personalities in their family tree tries to balance having fun with having too much fun.  After this successful stint I feel balanced.  Bring on the JD.

2) Signing up for Zumba classes.

Entirely unrelated, I have tripped over carpet 9 times this week.  Not even shag carpet.

I took advantage of a “first class if free” trial at a fitness center.  I had been worried it would be too high intensity and hurt my knees.  But evidently years of step-ball-chaining to videos has helped me learn how to modify hoppy, jumpy, moves to stuff less…exciting.  But still sweat-inducing.

3) Turning 39.

I am honestly too busy right now to mid-life crisis this.  Please feel free to do so in my honor.

4) Getting snowed on.

It’s snowed a few times in the past weeks, the last a heavy, 2-3 inch fast snow fall on Thursday evening that set me on despair.  (One setting click over from “self-cleaning”, in case you were wondering.)  But I woke up Friday and all the dirty, nasty snow was gone and in its place beautiful, white, this-is-why-you-moved-north-Jessica snow.  It was hell to drive to work but by the afternoon it was melting.  The high is 47 today!

We have dripping inside both the cabin and the shop.  Thank goodness we are delusional.  And also too busy.

5) Setting up shop.  Literally.

I wish I had more pictures to share, but when we get into a groove there is just no time. In fact, one of things I loved about yesterday was that I had so much to do I didn’t get out my phone until it was time to go home.

We’re waiting on only one big order now.  Everything else is kinda sorta out on the store.  Maybe even one or two things in a spot they will stay for over a week!  Although probably not.  (That’s actually fun, not frustrating.  The idea that it is OUR store and we have the power to change it as we want/need.)

The weekday balance is still not there for me.  Too many responsibilities and directions.  But I remind myself (and you) that it has been almost 4 years since I was required to be out of the home from X in the morning until Y at night.  There have also been extracurricular activities such as taxes and the final, nagging touches of the condo rental just in case my plate wasn’t full enough.

6) Trying to figure out how to end this blog post.

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  1. Merry says:

    Wooo! No more to say than that. :)