It’s not that this new schedule is not do-able.  It’s totally do-able.  I just haven’t quite figured out how to do it.

I took last Friday off work (I mean, my PT admin job) because it was Tom’s birthday.  It turned out I couldn’t have gone anyway; we had the worst snow storm of the season and the roads were SCARY.

Spike had a vet visit scheduled (front paw sore with a claw not retracting – we were doing everything right but he had a shot to prevent infections and he’s mostly fine now), and since it was Tom’s birthday he got to decide and he went into the shop while I cat-wrangled.

Afterwards I told him when I drove home that was it.  I almost ended up in several ditches on the way into town so once I arrived home in one piece I was staying.  We ended up having lunch together at the shop while Spike got to feel special and give his feline-approval to the place.

Tom said he would drive home to collect me for a birthday dinner.  But once he got there, he decided to stay as well.

The good news is that that snow, and much more, is gone now.  Any day I will have the first jog of spring.  I can’t wait!

Getting back into a semi-regular AM morning exercise routine will help my schedule.  Right now four days* out of the week I go from my PT job to the store only to go to the gym and come back.  Running/walking will cut that down to two days.  (Yoga and Zumba.  Yes, Zumba.  Something I would have never tried in the land of young, tanned Florida flesh.  It makes me laugh which is worth the cost right there.)

*(Four days in theory.  This week I have rebelled against this choppy all-over-the-place idea and not gone to the gym/classes as often.  Horrible, yes.  But I excuse myself.  It is a fine line between coping mechanism and coping out and I solved that by drawing a big circle around myself stating, “These are the people I want involved in my next 4 hours.”)

And hopefully!  Soon!  We’ll get back to hiking.  The store hours constrict us, but it stays daylight here until 8pm right now.  It’s just a quick dip down Hwy 70 to some of our favorite quick day hikes.

Our eating habits are in need of some re-scheduling too.  The store stays open until 7pm, making dinner late and weird and OHEMGEE HUUUUUNNNGGGRRREEE.  I’ve excused us a little on this front too, but that’s got to stop.  Take out just doesn’t feel like a treat to me.  We need to get better at snacking/grazing in PM before we must consume All The Things.  We took a step in the right direction by purchasing a better microwave for home and bringing the old one to work.

Now Tom is off in “the big city” (Rhinelander – it has an Aldi!) hopefully procuring items we can turn into healthy microwaveable meals.

He’s also procuring beer as New Glarius Fat Squirrel is seasonal and not eeking out one last trimuph over winter would be inexcusable.

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