I finished the last post regarding scheduling issues and realized I had not bothered to mention that I own a store now and IT IS FUCKING AWESOME.  You should run out and get yourself one.  Right. Now.

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The fact that this is one of the most amazing times of my life and if it all goes down the drain with our savings tomorrow I will still be ecstatic and think this whole crazy scheme was worth it is not a fact that dwells and festers in my mind until I absolutely must let it escape via my keyboard.

But as a friend pointed out a while ago, people might like to know I’m happy.  I’m allowed.  I’ve earned it.  And it’s a hell of a lot more fun than hearing how I struggle to go-here-do-things-then-go-there-do-other-things.


A couple of side notes:

1)  You should save money aggressively for a few years before owning a store.  Not only will this provide Capital (yeah, I capitalized it), but it makes you extremely good at living on a pauper’s income.  Technically our income from the store is around negative three thousand dollars.  Probably closer to five. But we own so many hammocks!

2) Own a store because you love and/or find interesting the goods and/or services you provide.  You don’t own a store to become rich.  You own a store because you want to be your boss, see a niche that needs filling, and want to spend hours upon hours explaining goods and/or services to people because it fascinates you.

3) Find a niche and fill it.  Tom and I are just extremely lucky.  We wanted to move to out of FL.  Had a spreadsheet and everything.  We had the opportunity to do so somewhat cheaply with Eagle River as our destination.  We also knew the area was somewhat lacking in hiking gear.  Boom.   Voila.  What-have-you.

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It is a little disturbing to be open before the true “season” up here.  We have had days (hello 18 inches of snow in 24 hours in APRIL) where no one stops in.  But overall the response has been positive and we are moving forward full speed ahead.

(Anyone wanna buy a hammock?)

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  1. Mom says:

    Good pix of store. Did check out web site. Very clear and concise.