It has been warm enough (mid-20s or so) to comfortably walk in the mornings.  Even on days I have other exercise planned I like to do this.  Getting outside first thing just makes my day go smoother.

Of course, we have rain and snow mix predicted for the next few days.  But tomorrow’s temp should be in the thirties so maybe I will umbrella up and keep at it.

I had two other spring-specific occurrences on my drive in to work.  The first was that I used cruise control.  That hasn’t been safe to do since October.  And not a minute too soon as my right ankle is a little cranky about breaking in a new pair of hiking shoes.  It was during a re-alignment to take pressure off that it hit me I could push the CC button and not ride to my slippery, icy doom.

The second was that I saw a bald eagle.  They winter here so seeing one is not a huge deal (got real up-close with one in February that was eating a deer road kill), but this eagle was perched on a tree top!  Overlooking open water!  Fishing season may not quite be here for humans, but that eagle was ready and eager for some perch or walleye.

And dare I put it in writing?  It seems people are out shopping for hiking and camping gear more this week.

I’ll keep you posted on when all the snow leaves our yard.


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