Do Republicans Like Zumba?

Tom (seeing me come in panting from class):  Well?  How was it?

Me:  Whoo!  That was a workout…Maggy would have liked it.

Tom:  I bet she would.

Me:  She prefers music in the car; have you noticed that?

Tom:  Yup.

Me:  She doesn’t like NPR…(stage whisper) Do you think she’s a Republican?

Tom:  She does like to bark.


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2 Responses to Do Republicans Like Zumba?

  1. Cathy says:

    Just got caught up again
    No way is Maggie a republican. Even I am not an NPR fan. Guffey by the way has been enjoying book on iPhone the fault in our stars. We didn’t want to be caught at the theatre with all those teens. You must read. Great vocabulary. They would have been our friends.

  2. Jessica In Progress says:

    I read TFIOS a few weeks ago. It was… my mind. The great vocab was part of what annoyed me. I didn’t feel like it was convincing dialog for teens. And I felt the adults were written too one-dimensional.

    I love John Green (and his brother, Hank), and I’d definitely read more of his stuff. But the hype and the reviews of people sobbing while reading the ending? Enh. Not me.