Drop and Give Me Ten

It is Sunday again, which is my day to run the shop solo while Tom concentrates on home chores and projects.

It is a slow day here, which sometimes frustrates me because I think of all the things on my to-do list that I can’t accomplish while minding the store.

But we are experiencing some schedule tweaks, and therefore I have been off my game and not very sure what my to-do list should look like.

(We had a good schedule down pat for a few weeks, but now the grocery shopping and meal prepping days will change to maximize our CSA that starts Wednesday.  And this past week was the first of the Thursday night street dances that continue through the summer.  We are staying open during the dances and a 10 pm bedtime definitely is an adjustment in our lives.)

One of my tools for accomplishing things when I’m not really sure what I should be accomplishing is the List of Ten.  I write down the first ten things I think of that need to get done in the day and I do them.

Often this will jog my memory and list-making abilities so that I can map out a plan for the near-future.  But today it hasn’t, and that’s OK too because I got ten things done.

(Technically, I’ve done 6 things.  Seven, once I hit “Publish” on this post.)

1)  Add One Product to the online store for The Hiker Box.

Looking at all our items to add to sell online is daunting.  So every Sunday this goes on my list.  We are doing it all ourselves so that in writing the descriptions and specs we get to learn new things about the products.  I try to maximize my impact by adding a product that we carry in different sizes, colors, etc so I end up adding 2-4 products at once.

2)  Clean Three Carpet Spots

The store carpet was not anywhere close to new when we moved in.  Then we added a house-training-in-progress dog.  And you know what?  I was not one bit embarrassed about the strains before that.  But now I am paranoid everyone thinks ALL the stains are puppy accidents.  We don’t have a carpet shampooer, so another task I break down in small do-able sections.  (Also hard to do when the store is open with foot traffic.)

3)  Wash Dishes

For years tourists have complained about the lack of public restrooms in the downtown stores.  Now I know the super-secret reason: these places were built a long time ago with little to no plumbing in the store areas.  We have no bathroom or running water on the main floor.  We have to navigate the cramped stairwell to use the basement facilities.  In our “kitchen” area, we’ve placed two bins and labeled them “Dirty” and “Clean”.  This provides some order, storage, and a transport device to get the dirties down in the dungeon and clean.  Tom does most the dish-duty here so I figured it would be nice for me to chip in today.

4) Photos of Wall

If you do not follow The Hiker Box on facebook, you should if only for our Wall photos.  We put up white glossy paneling on our back wall and leave a bunch of dry erase markers out.  People draw pictures, say good luck to us, write where they are from, and all sorts of things.  Every week I post a batch of photos from the Wall.


5) Clean Wall

About every other week, I make room for more notes and pictures.  A spray bottle with rubbing alcohol and water mixed does the job quite well.  It cost us about eighty five dollars to put it up and we have definitely gotten that much enjoyment out of it.

6) Blog

TA-DA!  (I’m a bit internetted out these days keeping up with The Hiker Box and my own personal social media.  I have actually made a weekly schedule of what to post when so I ensure we keep ourselves current and varied.  I may end up doing that with this blog if I can decide on topics other than “What I feel like right this moment”)

7) Drink Eight Glasses of Water

Probably not necessary, but I had a pretty big food binge yesterday and I want to help my body process it as best possible.  I also have gotten away from measuring my water intake so a brief check-in on the tally isn’t the worst idea.

8) Cook Taco Stuff

The one meal I know I want to make this week to use up some mushrooms.  That will have to be done later on, but good to have on my radar as I sometimes get home and feel like I’ve entered an alien land where I can’t remember anything but where I stashed the wine.

(It is called Taco Stuff because 1) we rarely eat tortillas anymore so it’s just the taco innards I’m referring to and 2) I never make it the same way twice, using up whatever vegetables need using up.)

9) Re-stock Socks

10) Laundry Stuff

I’m stretching with these last two.  Socks were such a minor task it might have taken longer to write it down than actually do it.  And laundry stuff is something on my weekly schedule that hasn’t changed.  (I’ll wash delicates tonight, pre-treat stains and sort as best I can tonight.  Tomorrow the final sort will occur and one of us will go to the laundromat.)

Stretched or not, there you have it.  My ten things to-do today list because I have no clue what to do.  Do you have a favorite motivator/prompt/fallback plan you pull out when you don’t know what to do?  Let me know!

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