I Have A Sheltie At My Feet

The tree from the last post did not last.  Our karma ran out.  Somewhere between 12 to 24 hours before our set tree service appointment, it fell on the neighbor’s garage.

Since we had to park out by the road, I ran back to the house for something and got stung in the head by a hornet from the nest we’d decided we could ignore because it wasn’t in our usage path.

(Tom actually decided that.  I thought it was too close to the road and they could bother joggers/walkers/bikers.  After I was stung (IN THE HEAD!), he moved to action and when I returned home, the nest was no more.)

That Sunday our foster dog Maggey went to her “furever home”.  (Sometimes I love the animal rescue puns.  Sometimes I don’t.  The quotations tell all.)

In all seriousness, if she could not stay with us she found the best place to be.  I was maybe 2 years older than her new “owner” when I got my first dog.  Whom I would position to sleep on my pillows while I slept curled at the foot of the bed.

Maggey is set for a good life and I have perhaps created a mini me with no gestation necessary.  Win.  Win.

The Vilas County Humane Society’s director, Jen, had been waiting for a skin test on a mange dog to fill our vacant spot.  While Centrifuges whirled, a year-old male Sheltie on the run got hit by a car.  He has a removable pin in his left femur (ACK SCARY RIGHT??) to set the twisted break.

Since I was sent on a Friday to decide (mange or DO NOT LET THIS PIN GET STUCK ON ANYTHING.  TAKE HIM TO ANY VET YOU WANT, DON’T CALL ME FIRST), guess what I decided?

Here is where I would show you a picture of Markey.  The Sheltie with the pin.  But it is not uploaded (like the pictures of the tree on the garage which we have shared with Wisconsin Public Service) and many times that would stop me from even starting this post.

“You talk of dogs and trees, but where’s the iPhone quality PROOF?”

On Wednesday, a moving company supposedly will turn our check and fancies into real live map cases that we will have to find room for.  Ever since we bought the map inventory and started learning about the business, we opened an account with an online resource for customized maps and have sent three out this week as far as Vermont.

(I just put a comma instead of a period behind Vermont.  Vermont, Vermont.  The REAL Vermont.  Where the map will get splashed with maple syrup.)

People like customized maps.

Meanwhile, me, whom gets lost on a hike that doesn’t circumvent a lake and SOMETIMES EVEN THEN, has learned by heart at least three of the USGS Quadrants involved in Eagle River and the 28-chain of lakes.

I am frustrated.  I am sad.  I am happy. I AM BUSY.

It is my “day off” and I have cooked for three hours so that I AM SMALLER.

I have a Sheltie at my feet.  And I don’t need a picture on the Internet to prove it.

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