Waaay Too Busy

I have a short-but-real post in the queue, but I’m having image loading problems from my phone and I’m too busy to be syncing my phone to the computer right now as I type.  Because I just sat down to THIS computer (after 4.5 hours at my part-time computer, and 2+ hours designing/creating/editing on a Hiker Box computer) in order to file Hiker Box emails so I can remember what is still outstanding and also find a link to a media center to download product pictures so we can start work (again) (for reals this time) on our online store.

And before I could even get to emails or .jpgs, I decided to shoot over here and share what just happened before I settled in for my 3rd computer of fun.

The Background – Tonight has been deemed “Defrost the 2nd freezer” night because we’ve left the door open once or twice this summer and we have our own sneak peak of the winter to come in there.  I almost needed a hairdryer to remove the container of chili for this week’s meals.

I will let Tom determine the actual defrosting events because I will do it wrong.  He is unwilling to balance the checkbook or organize a closet because it is my way or the highway in those departments.  I, in turn, demure to him with appliances.

But I did feel safe in the area of “try to take things out of the freezer”.  And so, still my work clothes, with our box of CSA produce to put away, while setting up the coffee maker, I started making vegetable broth from my bits and leftovers stored in the freezer for broth-making.

Juggling all of that, I also pulled out a bottle of wine and opened it.  Although I joke about my lush-y tendencies here, I DO try to moderate myself.  I am very aware any drinking can completely undo my exercise and otherwise-OK diet.  But still.  Re-read this post (I dare you), and ask yourself if YOU would have left a nice white uncorked on a day like this.

But evidently I am trying to moderate myself too much.  Because as I added water to the stock pot, then to the coffee maker, then shelved the fennel and made faces at the cilantro (I hate cilantro), I uncorked the bottle.  Let it sit there between tasks.  Re-corked it.  And put it back in the fridge.

Then I turned to pick up my completely empty wine glass.

That, people, is what I call waaay too busy.

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