Happily Ever After

Family has been here.

B & V (Betty and Veronica, of Archie fame which is MUCH HARDER to purchase now then when I was nine) was a big hit with my SIL snd SILOR (Sister-in-law-once-removed).

We had a great time. If anything, I wish I’d said “screw it” to work on Thursday as well as Wednesday to hang out.  Drinks were drunk.  Humanity was fought with Cards.  Catan was Settled.  Fall leaf colors were collected.  Food was grilled and fried.

This represents the last (as we know it) hosting we will do for awhile.  Holiday plans are set elsewhere and Tom and I will (hopefully, pretty please?) be too busy with holiday shoppers in between.

There are some stressful events in our midst.  For legal and professional reasons I don’t feel the desire to vent them here.  Mostly, they are financial.  Which in the end means very little because we are still very fortunate and have options.  (These are more personal financial issues than professional – the shop is fine.  For a 9 month-old-shop, that is.)

I really feel like this week should be “buckle down and tackle hard problems” week.  While we may not officially “close” the cabin for the season anymore, the last guest has written on the chalkboard and the laundry is waiting to be washed.  Fun is done.  Important and Adult and Serious is here to stay.

Yet…after a quick sweep of the vacuum and a dip of dishes in soapy water, we are left with a much cleaner and cozier cabin than we’ve had most summer when we were so busy our feet moved too quickly to stick to the un-mopped kitchen floor.

Not only does a string of guests mean the house is clean, but the pantry is full too!  Not of Ramen and beans (fiscally responsible/destitute food), but leftover S’mores ingredients and those emergency crackers we never broke into because someone bought more chips!

So…I am going drink my way-too-caloric drink, nibble on a chip, hug my shoulders up to my face that beams with squinched up eyes in pleasure at my surroundings, and tackle being an adult some other day.

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One Response to Happily Ever After

  1. Jim Richmond says:

    My, what a fine writer you are; and amusing, reflective, self depreciating, very direct……the last attribute like another I know.

    Jim R. (friend of the lady in Galien)