You Say Meta, I Say Meta…Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off

Do you see a horrible “The page you are looking for doesn’t exist” header box over my actual header when you look at this blog?  Because I do.  And google bring me to either 1) very complicated (to me) Ruby on Rails discussions or 2) other blogs that are also having this issue.

Also on page 2 of googling, I got my own archives.  So.  Helpful.

(We live on Meta lake.  Pronounced “Meeta”.  It never occurred to me to pronounce it differently, even when Meta became a popular cultural internet thing.  But now I have to correct someone repeating my address back to me at least once a week.)

In other news, lots of can’t-take-about stuff is still going on.  Some things got better.  Some things got worse.   But nothing is resolved into a tidy package of “phew” or “at least it’s over” that I can expound on with tangents and parentheses and verb tense confusion for a good 500 words like I am prone to do.

But my silence and weird header problems don’t mean I’m going away.  I’m still here.  Waiting until things die down and I can put words and wisdom to it all.  Or at least have a good rant.  MEEETA.

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