Just The Facts

1) I determined a database back-up plugin was causing my header error.  Thank you to WordPress Codex and support forums.

2) That is the second back-up plugin on the second WordPress site in seven days to cause site errors and headaches for me.  Evidently I’m just not cut out to be a responsible data back-up person.

3) I went for a hike in the snow yesterday and got lost.  Lost-lost.  Needed a compass and GPS and walked towards the nearest road lost.  It was scary and fun and somehow makes me determined to go back and the hike that trail the right way.  I believe 2008 internet kids would say, “I want to p0wn the trail.”

4) It’s snowing here now.  Not right this second, but we’ve had several days of snow and “the big one” is coming tomorrow.

5)  We are kind of not ready for this.  Tom is putting plastic sheeting over windows right now.  We still need to drag the cement board from storage so we can have fires without having “a fire”.

6)  Readying the house for winter is depressing to me.  I feel like we are asking so much of the old little cabin and we can’t even give it the proper basement/foundation on which to stand up to all of this…living…we require it to contain.

7)  I personally am ready for winter though.  After last year, I gave away my old boots that hurt my ankles so I had no excuse to not spend money on myself.  I have new (Salomon Gortex) boots, a down jacket & some snow pants.  I was out tramping through snow for over 2 hours yesterday and I had to keep unzipping my jacket because I was warm.

8) I am writing and posting this because “Blog” was on my to-do list.  Still at a standstill with topics that are taking up much of my time and thought process.  The last time I felt this way it was because I had told a gentleman I loved him and he said he did not love me back.  He was a reader so THAT topic was definitely off limits.  It made for a few horrible weekends as I re-upped my online dating profile and regained sufficient emotional space.  I met Tom two months later.

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