Six Things Sunday

1)  I finally was able to the major installation of Voice-over-Internet-Protocol at two sites that has been hanging over my head at my part-time job since November.  Major problems with transferring the numbers dragged on and on.  Then all of a sudden the transfers were approved and I had 16 hours to get everything in place.  There are still tweaks and questions (one location is closed for winter so that will be outstanding until we see it in full use) but it went smoother than I imagined.

2) I did not make any true resolutions for 2015, but I did decide to abstain from alcohol until my 40th birthday on March 21st.  Mini breaks from booze have been a common theme in my life whenever I feel more unhealthy than healthy.  So far I haven’t any great improvement sans wine and whiskey.  But I also know I might have fought the stress over the VoIP project with a little nip of something had I allowed myself, and that in turn could have made me worse of the day of the project.  I guess what I’m saying is that I recognize the benefits for now may be in how I’m not hurting my health further.

3)  It is the slow time of year in Eagle River.  But since The Hiker Box did not open until April in 2014, we have no experience in HOW slow it will be.  It’s nerve-wracking.

4) In general this is going to be a difficult year financially and I was thinking yesterday about how worrying about finances tends to keep me from writing.  For one, it takes up space in my brain that could normally be used for creative thinking.  For another, everyone’s concept of “difficult year financially” is different.  If I write about my concerns, I feel like I spend half the time explaining that we’re really not that bad off.  Which is true, but it doesn’t comfort me or correct the immediate problem of paying an extremely large bill.  (We do not have an extremely large bill right now.  That was an example.  And this is an example of how I am compelled to mitigate any negative things written here, even theoretical ones.)

5)  I have been participating in The Subtraction Project for January and I love it.  We moved here with basically 4 households merged into one:  1) My & Tom’s stuff 2) Stuff I took from my childhood home 3) Stuff I took from my grandmother’s apartment and 4) All the stuff already at the cabin.  Tom and I are both hoarders in the “Frugal-Recycle-That-Item-Is-Still-Useful” kind of way.  I am finding I really have to go back again and again over areas every few months.  Lots of things might have sentimental value but as time goes on I realize there is something similar and more meaningful already in place and the other item can go.

6)  With some of these things, I’ve been posting on Facebook and asking people if they would like the items.  It does not get things out of the house quickly nor is it exactly financially prudent, but it does give me an immense sense of sanctification when I can pair a once-loved kilt with a child who would love to wear it still.

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