Currently – A Pro/Con List

Currently, I am:

1) making use of my father’s Seltzer bottle to concoct non-alcoholic evening beverages.  Pretty much the only things besides alcohol I imbibe are coffee, water, and green smoothies.  I don’t drink coffee after my morning cups (sleep problems), I limit my green smoothies to one a day for several reasons (cost, calories), and while I don’t mind solely drinking water (I have, at times, had a 7-9 liter habit), it seemed like a nice treat to make myself some special drinks while abstaining from the hard stuff.  I found a reasonably priced bottle of pure cherry juice and mixed that with homemade seltzer.  Pros: tasty, not soda, and not too caloric.  Cons: I’m not used to drinking anything fizzy anymore and my body lets me (and anyone near me) know.

2) Stressing over a financial and logistical problem regarding the condo I still own in Florida.  We have not had a good experience with renting so far, but the current tenant’s lease is up in a few weeks.  Pros: We can start over.  Cons: It’s going to involve confrontation, we don’t know for sure when the tenant will be out, and we’re very much at the mercy of everyone else involved since they are in FL and we are not.

3) Starting a new exercise routine.  It’s actually an old routine, with new additions.  Betty Rocker completely revamped the 90-day challenge workouts from the package I purchased this summer.  Now each week has two workouts (plus a bonus).  Pros: new workouts, switching things up each time so I don’t get bored. Cons: I have the winter lazies and just don’t wanna.*

4) Getting Brandi used to her wheelchair.  After an initial excitement, it got very cold here and we insisted she wear dog-booties everywhere.  The combination of lack of grip and strangeness meant she started to view the cart with dread.  Luckily it warmed up.  Our road gets sanded instead of salted so we feel comfortable with her going bare-pawed for a walk.  For now we are on a routine of every-other-day morning wheelchair walk.  Pros:  She’s getting stronger and she’s learning to use the bathroom while carted (a major pro as her scooting method can leave her sometimes not-so-fresh).  Cons:  Not a one.


*This has been the hardest thing about moving to Wisconsin for me.  I am one of those annoying tackle-everything-in-the-New-Year people.  Something about January 1st puts a giddy-up in my step.  But between the cold and the lack of daylight, Wisconsin turns that into more of a saunter.  Over to the couch.  Where I will binge-watch either Glades or TruBlood.


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2 Responses to Currently – A Pro/Con List

  1. I think we all have days and lists like these. I have no energy or patience for NYE resolutions. September/October is better for me. Still, I appreciate your enthusiasm, and wish you the best.

  2. Jessica In Progress says:

    It’s not so much resolutions as the feeling that things have been on the back-burner during the holidays and now I can full speed (or, this year 1/3 speed) ahead.

    I get a little kick in the fall too. I always associate it with school starting. Even though I haven’t been in school for almost 20 years now and without kids I’m not even sure when school starts anymore!

    I like your last post – very honest. Good luck in future comfort zone confrontations.