I Sense A Disturbance In The Force…Oh Wait, That’s The Cat

Right now, I am…

Seeing: The pages of Valley of the Dolls.  I love the writing style and really enjoyed how it started.  Over part way through and I’m invested, but feel the crispness of the story has left.  (Yes, I’m aware this is a movie.  No, I don’t know how it ends.)

Hearing: For now, silence!  A snow shoe event flip-flopped our weekend schedule and I am at home today.  Some chores are done, some have been moved to later in the week (see Smelling).  Once my phone has synced/updated and I have hit “Publish” here, I will probably read some more and then maybe start hearing Season 3 of TrueBlood.

Smelling: Nothing.  Blood?  Neosporin?  I had a small nosebleed on Friday (after a nose blowing) and it came back today a little stronger.  I’m 99 percent sure this is just due to physical aggravation – preliminary blood work didn’t show anything abnormal.  But I definitely need to see the doctor for something.  A different anti-histamine?  A prescription salve?  SOMETHING.  Because if it is aggravated, it is also aggravating.  I am putting off exercise time and more strenuous chores until I’m sure I can bend over without a fountain going off.

Tasting: Jam and cheese together.  I have never understood this combination (or the similar “fruit and cheese plate”).  Then I made a batch of low-sugar orange-rhubarb jam this fall.  It is tart and sweet and pulpy and everything I ever wanted in a jam.  And it goes amazing with cheese.  I ate a half-pint in a little over a week.  I may have to hide the rest.  Or buy some more rhubarb, oranges, and pectin.

Feeling: HOT HOT HOT.  My feet have the rough, callused skin of a hiker every season.  But in the winter they itch to the point it keeps me up at night.  A good soak in hot water with vinegar, Listerine, and a natural Epsom salt/mineral old concoction really helps.  Since we use hot water as our main heating element, the heater is kept at about 145 degrees.  I’m using this blog time for it to cool to the point I can stand it.

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