Hike One For Me

I haven’t slept in a tent since our last night on the Appalachian Trail in 2013.  I remember some about that site and area.  I didn’t remember (reading a few days back) how close we’d been to getting inside and clean and dry the day before.  Wow.

It makes me wonder, “What if”.  Except…man, I was sick.  I can think of maybe two times in my life I was worse off.  Getting rest would have been nice, possibly getting treatment earlier could have meant an easier recovery.  But quick and easy enough to hike again?  I’m not so sure.

And of course, Tom had a deadline for when we HAD to leave the trail, Maine or no Maine.  There was too much to do at the cabin before winter came.  It didn’t look like we were going to make it.

Maybe it’s the cabin fever.  Maybe it’s the frustration that becoming independent and running your own business can mean less flexibility instead of more.  Or maybe, just like someone a few years out of college who still gets that fall rush because “school is starting”, I am jonseing for a good long hike because the thru-hiker season on the Appalachian Trail starts soon.

Some have already started – January 1st is popular with the winter hikers.  But in less than a month, a huge bubble of hikers will start in Georgia.

Since I won’t be there, or at the Hudson river to start up where we left off, I’ve been living vicariously.  Red Beard thru-hiked in 2014 and vlogged it.  I’ve watched his GA video and New Hampshire (where I haven’t hiked yet).  I quite enjoy them and hope you do too.

And if you can, please go take a hike.


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