Creature Comforts

I kept Brandi our foster dog home today.

She had her first heart worm shot this week and is now on Prednisone. I figured the extra potty breaks needed with the steroid might be nicer for her at home instead of the shop where there is a lot more inside to negotiate before making it outside.

It’s neg something here, with a fierce wind. But sunny. Last time I let Brandi out she stayed for five minutes, but then wanted to go for a walk when I came out (braless, in a T-shirt and jammies). We ran to the mailbox like that and then she hesitated to climb the steps. So I left her out for another few minutes while I did some dishes.

Next time I came out with my down jacket and gloves. Good thing too. She repeated the entire walk and I think would have gone for a three-peat if I let her.

Thank goodness I kept her home from work on this cold, cold day.

Sno, willz u b my valentin? Luv, Brandi

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