Typing It In

So I missed yesterday…just didn’t have anything to say.  Today I started on a “real” post and hoped to get it done but I need pictures which I can’t take in the dark.

“Jessica,” you say, “I do not see a huge improvement in your photography when it is light.”  And you are correct.  But it is the ONE THING besides taking a lens cap off I know about photography.  Plus, I wish to photograph ugly and I think we agree given enough light even I can capture that.

Here I am phoning it in, so to speak, until I have proper time and attention and lighting to do otherwise.

So what happened yesterday?

I showed up a cable technician on assigning static IP.  Slightly sweet because hello, tech skillz, I haz them.  Slightly sour because our hardware/firmware were (are) still causing issues.  I will be very happy when I stop lugging my laptop around.

Tanya at the farmer’s market said she’d had enough greens to bring in two bags this week and in another few weeks will have enough to save me some.  GREENS.  There is a dim light (all the better for me to photograph with!) at the end of this wintry tunnel.

I sent the email basically firing my old property manager for the condo.  That felt good.  We are resigned to the fact that cutting ties with him probably means no hope of pursuing further payment from the delinquent ex-tenant.  We will chalk that up to an expensive lesson and we definitely know better what to ask for and expect this next time around.

I hurried to post an unwanted book on paperbackswap.com so that it would be requested ASAP.  By the time I got to work, it was. I mailed it right away using PBS to print my postage which meant I received 1 free swap credit instantly under their new swapping policies. Then I was able to request a book from my wishlist that I was notified of availability roughly 2 hours prior without having to pay a swapping fee.  This whole process made me extremely happy.  You’d think I’d hacked into a bank and arranged for fractions of pennies to be deposited into my account.

Today?  Today I lugged my laptop to work.

Tomorrow is Friday.  Can I get an Amen?

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