My Own Boredom

It’s Sunday which means I’m at The Hiker Box, “working”.  And if ever there were a time for quotation marks around the word working, it is February in northern Wisconsin at an outdoor gear retailer at 4:35 pm on a Sunday.

Low is neg twenty tonight.  High was neg three.  There were a few people out, but they meant business.  Drove to shop A, purchased needed items at shop A, drove away.  We had three sets of people come in the entire day.  Only one who purchased something.

I’m not complaining and I’m not really stressed about the situation either.  Because hey, we had a sale!  That’s all we need to keep it from being a zero day.  Come April, when we will have been open an entire year, we can start the comparison worrying.  For now, I will take what we can get.

It is quite boring to sit in a shop by yourself all day.  If this were just a job, I’d go insane.  But it’s not.  It’s my own business.  The boredom is comforting and indulgent.  I do not think of the million things I could be getting done at home the way I might in a lull at another work place.

Of course there are a million things to be done here.  And I do some of them, every Sunday.  I chip away that long list of ideas and research and grunt work necessary to build a business.

But then I might watch a movie.  (Last week it was “Mile….Mile and A Half”  And yes, I want to now run off and hike the John Muir Trail.)   Or read a book.  Or prepare for the rest of the week mentally so that I am in a better position to spend more time here knocking out more work in the afternoons versus feeling like I defended my thesis all morning and now wish to lie down for a month or two.

Since I work another job during the week, Sundays are my day to feel like I actually own a business.  I get to open the door and flip the sign.

Even when we’re busier, it has it’s boring moments – QuickBooks, anyone? – but right now with the lull after the holidays and before the spring/summer season, the boredom allows me time to reflect on this crazy choice we made.  I appreciate that.

Although I would appreciate a second sale too.

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