Already a Winner!

Here we are, a mere 7 days into 2016, and I have already made it to Walmart once!

I did not want to go, actually.  Because I was in a town I rarely frequent and didn’t know where the Walmart was and had an appointment for a Dr I’d never seen and I assumed I’d be there until past my usual go home time and then still have a longer commute because rarely-frequented town is in the opposite direction from work than home.

But!  I got to the Dr early.  And they didn’t need any intake paperwork because I’m already in this particular clinic’s computer from other doctor visits.  And the Dr actually SAW me early (something very different than arriving early) and the Dr was an Optician, one of the only Opticians in two counties I can see on our new health insurance hence needing to drive to rarely-frequented town, and I only wanted glasses not contacts, and nothing looked alarming in the exam, so it was a pretty short cut-n-dried visit.  I was done 11 minutes after my original appointment time.

I had to see an Optician ASAP because right around Christmas I broke my glasses.

What happened was, Christmas Eve was pretty dead in terms of customers so I decided to sneak into the back room and re-arrange some of our storage.  This included moving huge, old, wood cabinets that we nest one atop another.  Tom wasn’t that impressed with my endeavors because he was under the impression that last time we moved them he left the four-wheeled cart underneath it.  WRONG.

I moved it with my blood, sweat, and tears to back up closer to the wall and had this grand easy plan of creating shelving behind it for things we don’t need access to daily.  Tom was also not impressed with my shelving plan and insisted we need to make actual support structure and not just lay plywood across random stuff onto the cabinets because he has seen people get hurt like that and I don’t know what he’s talking about but in my grand re-organizing a box fell on my head and SNAP went my glasses hinge.

I spent the rest of that day with my glasses taped together, but the arms of my glasses are very wide at the hinge, meeting up completely with the width of the glasses, and that made it very difficult to tape.  They “fell”? out of the tape quite a bit.  When I got home I got out the crazy glue.  The metal hinge is what broke and it is embedded in the plastic frame so it was also very hard to match up to the broken piece inside.   But I finally got it, went to sleep, and in the morning viola!  Almost wearable glasses!

I’ve actually been very impressed with how the glue has held.  It only took 48 hours for me to forget the fragile-glasses situation and close the arms as part of my automatic ritual for getting into the shower.  Evidently the glue that is holding the broken inside piece was not attached, literally or emotionally, to the extra glue that was keeping the arm straight.

But still.  Not ideal.  My glasses always look a little lopsided on my face (it is NOT that my face is lopsided.  It is that every single glasses frame every created is lopsided.  Got it?) but now the left arm, while holding in there, is not exactly tight to my face.  They fall off when I do yoga or bend over to put on shoes.  Since it has been three years since my last exam, off to the Optician I went.

Despite the inconvenient location of the clinic, I would have purchased new glasses there just to have this process one step further along.  Unfortunately, between my pupil dilation and the itty bitty print on the price tags, it seemed like something I was not capable of doing then and there without regrets.  So instead I found out that the Walmart was only 5 minutes from the clinic and there was a back route and that is the thrilling story of how I bought paper towels and toilet paper.

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